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Alex Woelfel (AH-lex WOOL-fel) is a 17-year old Miltank currently in his high school. 



  • Extrovertive:



Moves and Abilities[]


  • Milla Lendel  - 
  • Ren Woelfel - They're very close, and though Aldrian teases her about LeRoux while rebuffing her own comebacks, their playfights remain just that: playfights.
  • Dieter Woelfel  -
  • Dean Woelfel
  • James Woelfel -


  • She has a sensitive nose, and wearing a little perfume around her puts her in a better mood.
  • She's not afraid to lie if it means things would run smoother.
  • Her tails and ears-- as well as her expression-- make her easy to read, emotionally. For example, her tails wag when she's feeling happy.
  • Her silver flute is a treasure from her mother, and is just as precious as her hair and fur. 
  • Not a day goes by that she doesn't play her flute. She'd be seen playing it often, as she also turns to calming, classical music when she's stressed or bothered somehow.
  • She generally keeps a well-mannered air, but if she does get pissed or if anything precious to her is threatened, actual profanity will be flung in the perpetrator's way.
  • Being in large bodies of water that go above her chest. The Vulpix can swim, but total submersion makes her panic.
  • She may have an ear for music, but she has no skills with dancing whatsoever.


"In case you aren’t eating there, want to have lunch with me? I promise my cooking’s decent ouo"

"Why thank you~ /sashawinkplz"

"Just because Finny had baggage doesn't mean I'd like him less."

"… and Finny, if you wiggle your way out of this arrangement, I’ll one day sneak up on you while you’re napping at night dressed like a dead Vulpix and scare off your pants."

"You’re the only person outside my family to see me looking so… raggedy… so often ='w=a"


Ghost stories arc[]

On the trip their extended family took to the Ballast summer villa, Ruri was one of the spectators to the storytellers in the group, eating fruit slices with LeRoux.