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Olivia Ringmarc
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Race Machoke
Gender Female
Hair Color Sandy blonde
Eye Color Blue-gray
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Junior High School Phy.Ed teacher
Base of Operations University
Vital Statistics
Age 27
Height 180cm [6'0"]
Weight Unknown
Birthday 27th May
Orientation Straight
Likes Working out

Her sister
Home-cooked meals

Dislikes Unnecessary violence

Being the target of ridicule
Being lied to

Relatives name
Partner name
Moveset Vital Throw

Cross Chop

Weapons Bare fists

Bludeoning weapons (occasionally)

Olivia Ringmarc is 27 year-old Machoke gijinka who works as a Phy.Ed teacher in a local junior high school. She's also Stella Ringmarc's older sister.


Olivia normally wears her hair in three tight braids on her head, sports a bandage on her cheek for some unfathomable reasons (the bandage remains on her person even while she's teaching) and has a feminine face despite her butch appearance. She dons a gray tank top, a pair of daisy dukes and brown boots when she's not at work. Her outfit at school changes accordingly to how she feels like dressing up.


Olivia is a laid-back person who doesn't seem to let things bog her down. She's tough and she knows it, and enjoys taking care of others. She's a firm believer of 'no pain, no gain', though she enjoys slacking off at times just as much, and often comes off as a maternal person to her younger sister and her students. Others may find her loud and charismatic.


The Machoke's history isn't anything spectacular or particularly angsty. She came from a good family, attended a good school and graduated with decent grades, finally winding up as a teacher who was earning decent money.

Olivia moved out of their parents' house when she started working as a teacher, and after she got enough money to rent her own apartment so it'd be easier for her to commute to work. The apartment is located near the school she works in, and also happens to be a short walk away from the gym she frequents.

Stella moved into her apartment when the Tyrogue started college, and they've lived under the same roof since.

Moves and Abilities[]

  • Vital Throw
  • Revenge
  • Cross Chop
  • Submission


  • Stella Ringmarc - Olivia's younger sister. They're really close, and one of the very few people Olivia would actually show her more feminine side to.


  • Olivia likes cakes. What woman doesn't? She has to cut down on those though, being a bodybuilder and all.
  • Olivia gains weight a little too easily, and is constantly having to keep a really close eye on her diet if she doesn't wanna turn into a Snorlax.
  • Olivia has an almost limitless amount of patience. Until her close friends and family are targets of ridicule.


"You sure?"

"Need help with that?"

"Here, I'l do it."

"I'm going to count to three before I get over there."


  • Ghost stories arc


Early concept art of Olivia